NYS Broadband Summit, June 3-4, 2009

Transcript of video: Bernard Margolis introduces the Magic of Broadband

Spoken Over Title: My name is Bernie Margolis, and I love the magic of Broadband.

My name is Bernard Margolis, and I'm honored to be the State Librarian of New York. Internet is that connecting tool, its that cement, that glue that brings people together. You know people say: "Mr. Margolis, why should we care about Broadband?" and I say not only should we care about Broadband, but we should be out there developing it, dreaming about it, thinking about it, applying its capacities to all sorts of new things.

You know, we take for granted roads, we take for granted electricity and water and those things. I don't want us to take for granted Broadband. I want it to be a tool, in fact, that were still very much working at, enhancing, developing, and improving.

Today, people are using Broadband to apply for jobs. People are using Broadband to diagnose medical conditions. People are using Broadband for education and training. People are using Broadband to repair equipment remotely.

Broadband is the new electricity and you should care about it because the world will not go around, the lights will not go on, the economy will not move forward, people will not be prosperous, healthy, or wise without access to a tool that permits them to have effective communication, effective personal growth and be part of a vibrant economy.

The magic of Broadband is the ability to connect people around the world.