NYS Broadband Summit, June 3-4, 2009

Transcript of video: Impressions of Broadband

I love...
      I love...
             I love the Magic of Broadband (chorus of speakers)

Speaker 1 - Bernard Margolis, State Librarian:
Broadband is the element that levels the playing field for people.

Speaker 2 - Art Shaw, library patron:
National boundaries disappear, language disappears, geographic location disappears, economic status disappears.

Speaker 3 - Peggy Mellow, Librarian:
You really can no longer predict who you're going to be helping, whether they're homeless, whether they don’t read very well, whether they speak English.

Speaker 4 - Bernard Margolis, State Librarian:
It doesn’t matter where you live, it doesn’t matter what you do, it doesn’t matter whether you're in an urban school or a rural school.

Speaker 5 - Michael Borges, Library Association Executive Director:
It's an entry point for people of all ages, whether it's my seven year old or it’s my 80-year old mother. It’s a variable to explore worlds, galaxies, countries they have never visited and go beyond the confines of their homes, their communities.

Speaker 6 - Annie Scibienski, library advocate:
Distance learning and the high-speed Broadband that enables it lets people get to education that they wouldn't normally be able to.

Speaker 7 - Peggy Mellow, Librarian:
The diversity of the broadband patrons is greater than, I think, the diversity of the library patrons—where we’re not as diverse of a community, but the Broadband [community] is quite diverse.

Speaker 8 - Michael Borges, Library Association Executive Director:
The Internet allows people to visit places they have never visited; to meet people and talk to people now they may never have met or conversed with, and the Internet, like libraries, is constantly evolving and using whatever technologies are out there to expand its capabilities, so it is a great enabler and allows people to access information from their homes or from their libraries and other sources. It's a great leveler for society.