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New York State Library staff are handling numerous telephone calls and letters from reporters, the general public and from systems asking for clarification on implementation. Questions are generally about enforcement of the amended regulation, when "free" service can be expected and what happens on January 29.

What will happen on January 29, 1999, the effective date of the amendment to CR 90.3?

Although the effective date of the regulation change is January 29, the Board of Regents is allowing systems and member libraries to continue to operate as they have been until the end of 1999 or until their system plan is approved, whichever comes first. This transition period will allow systems and member libraries a reasonable amount of time to develop their revised plans.

If our library has been in the practice of selling library cards and someone wants to buy a library card, may we still sell it to him/her after January 29?

Yes, cards can be sold up until the end of 1999 or until the system’s plan is approved, whichever comes first.

If someone buys a library card near the end of the transition period, how long is the card good for?

The card is valid for the length of the term of the sale.

What is the timeline for implementation?

By January 29, 1999 Systems will acknowledge to the State Librarian, in writing, that the process has started.
By February 28, 1999 Library Development will provide guidelines on content and format for the revised plan.
By June 30, 1999 Systems will submit a progress report on the development of the plan.
By December 31, 1999 Systems will submit a completed plan to the Division of Library Development for approval.
By March 31, 2000 All system plans are approved by Library Development.
Last Updated: July 23, 2009