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January 27, 1999

To: Directors of Public Library Systems in New York State

From: Janet M. Welch, State Librarian and Assistant Commissioner for Libraries

Subject: Implementation of Revisions to CR 90.3

On December 22, 1998 I sent you a memorandum concerning the recently adopted amendments to Commissioner’s Regulation 90.3, along with a promise that more information would be forthcoming before the end of January. As a follow-up to that communication I would like to share with you events that have transpired since December. I have also enclosed an attachment that will provide you with additional information on implementation. You will also receive additional information on implementation during February.

Compliance Letters Due January 29

By now all systems should have sent in a letter to me confirming that the system has started the process of working toward the development of their system plan. This letter is due to me on January 29, 1999 and is necessary in order for the system to be in compliance with the revised provisions of CR 90.3.

PULISDO Working With DLD on Guidelines

PULISDO has agreed to have three members from your organization, Art Weeks, Michael O’Connor and Jerry Nichols, work with Library Development staff, Maureen Read and Jim Farrell to develop a format for the system plan and guidelines to help systems as they develop their plans. We appreciate the input PULISDO members provided at your January 12 PULISDO meeting. Please feel free to contact Jim Farrell for additional details about this effort.

Regents Action on CR 90.3 Generates Publicity Statewide

There have been several newspaper articles in the past month about the amended regulation. Unfortunately most of them were either misleading (calling the regulation new) or they left out some vital information (the implementation time line). This has led to an influx of telephone calls and letters from the general public and the library community. I expect that more newspaper articles will appear over the next several weeks. Although it is a challenge, I encourage you to try and use this opportunity to bring the spotlight to the importance of local library services to all New Yorkers.

Cc: Carole F. Huxley
Carol Ann Desch
James Farrell
Maureen Read

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