§80.4 Certificates valid for administrative and supervisory service (school district administrator, and school administrator and supervisor and school business administrator)

A candidate may obtain a certificate for administrative and supervisory service upon evidence that the requirements of this section have been met.

(a) ...

(b) School administrator and supervisor (principal, housemaster, supervisor, department chairman, assistant principal, coordinator, unit head and any other person serving more than 25 percent - 10 periods per week - of his assignment in any administrative and/or supervisory position, excepting those defined in subdivision (a) of this section, shall hold this certificate).

(1) Provisional certificate. The candidate shall hold a baccalaureate degree, based upon a four-year program of collegiate preparation from a regionally accredited higher institution or from an institution approved or registered by the department, and shall have completed in addition 30 semester hours of graduate study and an approved administrative/supervisory internship under the supervision of a practicing school administrator and of a representative of the sponsoring institution of higher education. These 30 semester hours shall include 18 semester hours of graduate study in the field of school administration and supervision.

(i) Substitution. One year of satisfactory full-time experience in a school (N-12) administrative or supervisory position may be substituted for the internship.

(ii) Experience. Three years of approved teaching and/or administrative and/or supervisory and/or pupil personnel services within grades N-12.

(iii) Time validity. The certificate will be valid for five years from date of issuance.

(2) Permanent certificate. The candidate shall have completed, in addition to the requirements for the provisional certificate, two years of school experience in an administrative/supervisory position. Within the total program of preparation, the candidate shall have been awarded a master's degree.

(c) ...

[Applies for on or after February 2, 2004]

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