§189.1 Grants

(a) Grants for cooperative projects. For cooperative projects, grants shall be used to support study and investigation of problems affecting more than one historical records program; collaborative efforts to identify, appraise, collect, arrange, describe, and make available historical records and efforts to encourage their use; and professional training and program development consultation.

(b) Allowable expenditures. (1) Allowable expenditures for historical records program projects may include personnel, travel, service contracts, and supplies and equipment.

(2) Allowable expenditures for cooperative projects may include personnel costs, travel costs, service contracts, supplies and equipment, and the costs of necessary reproduction of material on historical records issues or techniques and procedures.

(c) Approval. In approving any application pursuant to this subdivision, the commissioner will consult, as necessary, with the State Historical Records Advisory Board and/or with other historical records program experts.

Statutory authority: Education Law, §§ 140, 207, 6501, 6504, 6507, 6525, 6526; L. 1988, ch. 679

Last reviewed: March 15, 2010

Last Updated: November 7, 2017 -- asm