§186.1 Distribution and sale of publications of education department

(a) The distribution and sale of department publications shall be under the supervision of the Commissioner of Education.

(b) The department publications may be furnished without charge for use in the department.

(c) Not more than one copy of any department publication may be furnished without charge to any State school official, head of State department, member of the Legislature, newspaper, education department of another state, donor to this department, school, library or other institution that is a member of the University of the State of New York.

(d) Whenever an individual has contributed to or cooperated in the preparation of a department publication, a reasonable number of copies thereof may be furnished to him without charge.

(e) No charge shall be made for blank forms, reports, pamphlets and other printed documents necessary or proper in the conduct of the official business of the department.

Statutory authority: Education Law, § 207

Last reviewed: March 15, 2010

Last Updated: March 18, 2010 -- asm