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The New York State Library and the Ready to Read at New York Libraries initiative will present a free “Supercharged Storytimes for All” informational webinar on Wednesday, October 10th at 1:30 p.m. Saroj Ghoting, an expert in the field of early literacy, will conduct this one-hour webinar on opportunities for enhancing storytime services to young children and families. The goal of Supercharged Storytimes for All (SSA) is the optimization of early literacy storytime programs by making them interactive and focusing on pre-reading skills. The SSA program has proven to be very successful, and it will now be made available to youth services staff across New York State through a partnership with OCLC’s WebJunction. 

This webinar will serve as an introduction to the SSA training modules and facilitated training available to youth services staff as well as a chance to learn more about this program and how it can benefit storytime programming at YOUR library. Youth services staff are also encouraged to attend this webinar even if they have already completed the Ready to Read at New York Libraries training, since SSA is more in-depth and specific to storytime development and delivery. We are confident that both experienced youth services professionals and those who are new to the field of early literacy will benefit from this webinar and the SSA training opportunities. 

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Questions?  Contact Sharon Phillips, Ready to Read at New York Libraries Program Director at Sharon.Phillips@nysed.gov

Past Webinars

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Data are critical as you work to find ways to serve communities in these challenging times and local data can provide a nuanced view of your county’s children and families.  The NYS Kids’ Well-being Indicators Clearinghouse or KWIC is a resource for local and state planners who participate in the monitoring of health status to identify community health problems. KWIC offers unique ways to visualize county and regional data needed to promote healthy communities. The map builder tool incorporates many different geographic boundaries including library systems. There are educational and demographic data for these different boundaries. Additionally, we have incorporated social media features. The new visualization and social media tools allow us to more accurately depict our communities; educate fellow New Yorkers about important issues that are impacting children’s daily lives; and guide our conversations and decisions around healthy child development.

The participants will be able to:

  • Find their county data and click on their county report.
  • Identify 3 new features on KWIC for displaying and sharing data.
  • Use the map builder to find their community (& library system) and examine the well-being indicators.

Cate Teuten Bohn, MPH, is a policy analyst with the Council on Children and Families. Ms Teuten Bohn has over twenty years’ experience in governmental public health administration in California and New York with strong skills in community assessment, strategic planning and staff development. She coordinates the Kids’ Well-being Indicators Clearinghouse (KWIC) for New York State.

  • 21 Minutes for 21st Century Libraries: Early Literacy, Wednesday, December 13, 2017, 2:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time: From Vimeo. Presented by Mary Fellows, Manager, Youth and Family Services, Upper Hudson Library System

  • Like, Share, and Get Noticed! Using Social Media to Connect with Your Community, October 4. View the archived webinar [NOTE: If prompted you may need to download and install Adobe Connect Add-in.]

  • Using the Every Student Present Website: Helping Parents and Educators Utilize Strategies and Data Tools, September 19. Presented by Cate Teuten Bohn and Mary De Masi, Council on Children and Families
  • Notes from the Webinar

    Every Student Present is a public awareness campaign developed by the Council on Children and Families and intended to help families, school leaders, and community organizations understand the impact of multiple school absences on children’s learning.

    • Initiative to address chronic absence
    • The issue of chronic absence can be reduced by:
    • Every Student Present site for parents recommends helping children attend school by:
      • Boosting children’s confidence
      • Keeping children on track with schoolwork
      • Keeping children healthy
      • Protecting children from bullies
      • More information from http://www.everystudentpresent.org/ external link
    • Resources/Toolkits for combating chronic absence
    • How Libraries Can Help:
      • Help raise awareness (kids/parents not in school may be at the library)
      • Promote parents’ understanding on prolonged absence
      • Help keep children on track with schoolwork
      • Engage community partners in distributing information
      • Contact everystudentpresent@ccf.ny.govexternal link with questions or for additional information

    Sharon Phillips is the Project Director for
    Ready to Read at New York Libraries. For more information,
    contact Sharon at 518-486-4863; Fax: 518-486-5254.
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