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Ready to Read at New York Libraries: Early Childhood Public Library Staff Development Program

Training and Attendance

Through Ready to Read at New York Libraries, 98 workshops in the Five Foundation Components have been held to date, with a total attendance of 1,320 (please see the chart below). Staff from all 23 public library systems and 453 public library outlets in New York State participated in one or more of the component trainings. This is 42% of the 1,067 public library outlets statewide.

Foundation Components

Workshops for the
Training Cohort


Workshops for
library staff
(offered by the Training Cohort)





Early Literacy Community Asset Analysis

1 (2014) 29 35 397

Strategies for Successful Partnerships and Outreach to Families with Young Children

1 (2015) 29 15 182

Strengthening Young Families through
Early Literacy Practices

1 (2015) 28 29 431

Early Learning Spaces

1 (2016) 25 13 141

Everyone Serves Families with Young Children

1 (2016) 23 1 35

two young children reading

Early literacy programming attendance up 22%

From 2012 (before Ready to Read at New York Libraries) to 2015, early literacy programs in public libraries grew 13% to 110,099 sessions offered, with attendance up by 22% to more than 2.4 million people.

Phase One of the program is now complete with the last of the train-the-trainer sessions for the Training Cohort conducted in November 2016. Phase Two will continue until June 2019 with many more trainings for library staff offered in every public library system.

The New York State Library’s 2016-2019 Family Literacy Library Services Program is supporting Phase Two (the 2016-2019 program’s theme is Ready to Read at New York Libraries). Funding is now being provided to the 23 public library systems to carry out training in all Foundation Components and to assist member libraries in planning and implementing services based on the content and skills learned through training. Award Summary.

Certified Trainers

To date, Training Cohort members have received 145 Level One Certifications (for training library staff in a Foundation Component), and 26 Level Two Certifications (for training library staff and the early childhood workforce). A Level Two Certification in a particular component is obtained after a Training Cohort member offers at least two library staff trainings in that component.

Curriculum Development and Online Resources

Train-the-trainer curriculums were developed for each of the Five Foundation Components. The first four curriculums were reviewed, tested, and revised with Training Cohort input via feedback forms, and developed into online Training Tool Kits:

  • Early Literacy Community Asset Analysis
  • Strategies for Successful Partnerships and Outreach to
    Families with Young Children
  • Strengthening Young Families through Early Literacy Practices
  • Early Learning Spaces
  • Everyone Serves Families with Young Children.

The following online resources for Ready to Read at New York Libraries have also been developed:

For library/early education professionals:

For parents/caregivers (and library/early education professionals):

Partnership Development

From the outset of this initiative, the Advisory Group, made up of early literacy leaders across the state, has served to make connections and further partnerships with the Public Library System Directors Organization, the New York Library Association and its Youth Services Section, New York State Head Start, Reach Out and Read, Public Broadcasting Stations, Council on Children and Families, Read Aloud 15 Minutes, QUALITYstarsNY, the Libraries Trustee Association of New York State, Family Reading Partnership, New York State Education Department Office of Early Learning, Infancy Leadership Circles, New York State Parenting Education Partnership, and other organizations committed to improving early learning skill-building for families with young children across New York State.

Outcome-Based Evaluation

The logic model and data collection tools were developed during the Planning Grant for Ready to Read at New York Libraries, and then significantly revised during Phase One to better assess program impact and success.

Data is being collected now through Phase Two for the following three outcomes:

  • Library staff gain knowledge and confidence in developing research-based early literacy services (measured by an exit survey administered at the end of the workshops in each of the Five Foundation Components with before/after questions assessing knowledge in the content presented and confidence in applying the information and strategies covered).
  • Library staff apply what they learned in training to offer new or enhanced early literacy services (measured by a survey administered 6 months post-workshop with questions assessing application of workshop content at their library and/or in their community).
  • Training Cohort members become regional early literacy experts and certified trainers (measured by program certification records).

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