Making New York State public libraries a welcoming place for all families with young children

Transcript of video: descriptions of illustrations

Ready to Read at New York Libraries logo appears and slowly zooms in, before fading out.

Hand draws family group - parents and grandfather with two young children.

Hand draws boy with growing brain as yellow star burst appears around brain.

Illustration pans down to hand drawing the outside of a library. House pops up to the right, partly cloudy sun fades in. Two clouds fade in, tree pops up to the right of the house. Hand draws a boy and a girl running to library with parents behind them.

Hand draws male librarian reading to a group of children. Janitor is shown on a step ladder replacing light bulb.

Hand draws two families of adults with various age young children. Library worker shakes the hand of one mother as he welcomes all to the library.

Hand draws children playing and reading on the floor, library setting appears behind them.

Hand draws computer and mother with child sharing a book. A bubble showing a child reading in bed appears.

Hand draws a child’s stroller parked near the stroller parking sign.

Three vignettes: Library employee waves to family, gives book to child and welcomes family to the library.

Hand draws professionally dressed woman and man pointing to a cartoon image of a library building that appears between them. An arrow appears and points from the building to a piggy bank and coins, another arrow then appears and points to a “now hiring” sign with additional text – programs and staff.

The Screen fills with library staff members, adults, babies, young children, books and grandparents. A library setting fades in behind the families as the crowd of people grows. An Image of the child with a growing brain appears in the upper right.

Logos for New York State Library, Upper Hudson Library System, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Last Updated: February 21, 2017 -- asm