Training Cohort

Ready to Read at New York Libraries logoA key feature of Ready to Read at New York Libraries: Early Childhood Public library Staff Development Program is the establishment of a Training Cohort. The Training Cohort is comprised of over 30 youth services librarians from the State’s public library systems.

Using a train-the-trainer approach, members receive training from nationally recognized experts in Five Foundational Components, and then train/mentor library staff within their regions in these topics. The Five Components of the program are:

  1. Early Literacy Community Asset Analysis
  2. Strategies for Successful Partnerships and Outreach to Families with Young Children
  3. Strengthening Young Families through Early Literacy Practices
  4. Early Learning Spaces
  5. Everyone Serves Families with Young Children

The Training Cohort approach is based on extensive research done by the State Library that determined a train-the-trainer model was the most effective and economical method for training library staff in an early literacy skills curriculum. The will enable the program to reach 1,100 public library outlets across New York State, and within all public library systems.

The Training Cohort approach builds on member expertise and allows for expansion and regeneration. Training Cohort members assist in fine-tuning all training materials, and support the continual recruitment and mentorship of library staff who join the Training Cohort in the future.

With the completion of training in each component, Training Cohort members receive a Certificate of Professional Development from the New York State Library and are thus prepared to train library staff. After conducting two library staff training sessions in a particular component, the Training Cohort member will qualify as a Certified Trainer available to conduct workshops for early childhood professionals and others in need of early literacy training.

The Training Cohort’s work will result in well-trained public library staff able to reach and assist families, especially those with high need and/or those previously unserved.

Karen Balsen is the Project Director for
Ready to Read at New York Libraries. For more information,
contact Karen at 518-486-2194; Fax: 518-486-5254.
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