Recorded Library Construction Grants Online Webinar

A r ecording of the June 7, 2012, webinar, featuring a demonstration of the online library construction grants system, is available for playback. You must set up your PC to view the session (follow instructions in Step 1). To start viewing the sessions, follow the instructions in Step 2.

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Step 1:  Preparing your PC

Downloading and Installing Java Web Start

Java Web Start is required to launch a Blackboard collaborate session.

  • On the Macintosh, it is pre-installed and automatically updated.
  • For Windows and other operating systems, you will need to download and install it. This can be done here.

The installation of Java Web Start is a one-time process that does not need to be repeated. If you have participated in an
Blackboard collaborate (or Elluminate) session previously, you should not have to install Java Web Start again.

To Check and Configure Your Setup (including setting volume levels for microphone and speakers/headphones), click on
Configuration Room. See also Minimum System Requirements.

Step 2: Viewing the recorded session

 For the June 7, 2012, session, go to:

  • Under User Authentication, click on the [Log in as] Guest option.
  • Enter your Email Address and a Display Name.
  • Click on the Play button at the lower right.

If prompted, confirm that you want to download the required file.

On some browsers, a window may appear before the file begins downloading. Respond with Open or OK.

The Blackboard collaborate program will start up.

Once the recorded session appears, you may skip to the point where the actual demonstration begins, at approximately 2:14. Click the Play button at the lower left to start viewing the session from that point. The session ends at approximately 1:58:07.

Last Updated: June 19, 2012 -- asm