Short Environmental Assessment Form

Short Environmental Assessment Form (SEAF) pdf file external link opens in a new window

Each 2014-2017 public library construction grant project application requires the completion of the four-page SEAF in order to be eligible for State funding. 

Part 2 and Part 3 are completed by the "Lead Agency." This refers to a local authority principally responsible for undertaking the project. For the Public Library Construction Program, a Library Board can act as the Lead Agency. Officials of village, town or city municipalities can act in this role, as well as planning boards, city councils, school boards, zoning appeals boards, county legislatures or officials, and state agencies. The New York State Education Department does not act in this capacity.

All Public Library Construction Grant applicants must remit the four-page SEAF to complete their application.

If, after completing the SEAF, it appears that the project could impact the environment adversely, a Full Environmental Assessment Form (FEAF; three parts pdf file external link opens in a new window) will need to be completed.  Applicants should be prepared to provide a copy of the completed FEAF to the State Library or others, upon request, prior to the project start date. 

All components of a public library construction grant application are considered public information, including completed SEAF and FEAF documents and therefore are subject to the Freedom of Information Act. 

Submission Instructions for Libraries and Library Systems

The signed .PDF SEQR form is submitted through the construction grant program online portal.

For additional information, see a brief introduction to the State’s Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and the role of the Lead Agency: Welcome to SEQR 101 [PowerPoint presentation external link opens in a new window]

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