NOVELNY and the Common Core

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Examples By Database

Access to Resources

Using the wide variety of resources found in NOVELNY, teachers can instruct their students in how to navigate the route of information retrieval using database search techniques and critical analysis of search results.  Teachers can use NOVELNY resources to create Common Core standards-linked lessons and activities.  Some Spanish-language material is available, which supports the Bilingual Common Core Initiative.

Resources for Educators

eLibrary Elementary:
Jack and Jill
Highlights for Children
Grolier Online:
Amazing Animals of the World
La Nueva EnciclopediaCumbre
Kids InfoBits:
National Geographic Kids
Science Matters

ELA Skills - Literary and Informational Texts

Resources that support such texts can be found in NOVELNY in a variety of lexile levels, which will help students become more engaged in what they read and allow them to read at grade appropriate levels and increase their academic vocabulary through increasingly complex texts.

Resources for Students

eLibrary Elementary:
Civil War: A History in Documents
ScienceSpin 2-3, ScienceSpin 4-6
Grolier Online:
America the Beautiful
Encyclopedia Americana
Kids InfoBits:
New Moon Girls

Math Resources

The business resources available through NOVELNY contain statistical data and customizable charts that allow students to apply mathematical concepts in real-world situations, using nearly 25,000 industry reports and over 500,000 company profiles.

Business Resources

Business Insights: Essentials:
See “Compare Companies”
See “Compare Industries”

Inquiry-Based Learning

NOVELNY encourages inquiry-based learning by providing a wide variety of resources that help students think creatively by providing multiple texts with multiple perspectives and resources that develop problem-solving and technology skills.

Resources for Students

General OneFile:
Environmental Health Perspectives
Gender Issues

Primary Resources

NOVELNY contains non-fiction primary resource materials that can be used by students to practice text-based answers and writing sources.  NOVELNY databases contain over 1,180 newspapers, 39 of which are New York State newspapers.

Current Events Resources:

Gannett Newsstand Complete:
Ithaca Journal
Poughkeepsie Journal
InfoTrac Newsstand:
Albany Times Union
New York Times


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