Application for the 2014 Joseph F. Shubert Library Excellence Award

This application also available in: Word Word document [34k] | .PDF pdf file [115k]

Applications should:

  • show measurable progress in identifying user needs
  • show actions were taken to respond to those needs
  • show that the results were measured and evaluated
  • relate to a  project or achievement  that took place within the past two years
  • consist of a single-spaced narrative of no more than 4 pages in length
  • respond to the 4 questions as listed on the form 
  • be signed by the Chief Librarian/Director or, in the case of consortia, by the Chief Officers of all participating organizations.
  • provide 4 copies of the application, each with original signatures
  • provide 4 copies of any relevant attachments, such as  pamphlets or articles relating to the project described. (Please keep attachments to a minimum.)
  • be postmarked by July 18, 2014
Please check one category only: Individual Library _____ | Library Consortium (System) _____

NAME OF LIBRARY OR LIBRARY CONSORTIUM (SYSTEM): _________________________________________


PARENT INSTITUTION: ___________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________________________________

CONTACT NAME: ________________________________________________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER: (      )______________________________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE: ________________________________________________________________

For Consortia applications:

SIGNATURE: ________________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE: ________________________________________________________________

Your nomination for a project/achievement that occurred within the last 2 years should include your responses to the following 4 questions:

  1. Briefly describe:
    1. your library or library consortium (system) and its community. Provide information about size, budget, type, users.
    2. your project/achievement.
  2. How did you identify the user need(s) for your project?
  3. What did your library or library consortium (system) do to respond to that (those) need(s)? What challenges were met?
  4. What impact did this project have on your users and/or your community? Supply quantifiable data if appropriate.

Please limit your narrative to no more than 4 pages.  Please send 4 copies of each application, and include 4 copies of any attachments, to the following address by the deadline of June 30, 2014:

Regents Advisory Council on Libraries
Joseph F. Shubert Library Excellence Award
c/o Paula Paolucci
New York State Library
10C34 Cultural Education Center
Albany, NY 12230
Phone: (518) 474-5930

Last Updated: October 28, 2014