Library Legislation in New York State: 2016 Chapters

2016 Laws Relating to State Funding for Libraries

Chapter 50

S 6400-A/ A 9000-Dexternal link opens in a new window State Operations Budget Bill: Provides a state operations appropriation of $693,000 for 2016-2017 to the State Education Department for the New York State Library for the Conservation / Preservation program (Education Law 273 (7)) and the Talking Book and Braille Library (Education Law 273 (8)) and $350,000 to the State University of New York for services and expenses of the library conservation program. (Education Law 273 (7)) Signed by Governor, 4/13/16

Chapter 53

S6403-D  / A9003-Dexternal link opens in a new window Aid to Localities Budget bill: Provides a local assistance appropriation for 2016-2017 Library Aid of $95,627,000, plus additional $1.3 million for reimbursement of costs associated with the payment of the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax (MTA). Signed by Governor, 4/13/16

Chapter 55

S 6404-D/ A 9004-Dexternal link opens in a new window Capital Projects Budget bill: Provides a $19 million capital appropriation for 2016-2019 grants for State Aid for Library Construction (Education Law 273-a) for the construction, rehabilitation, broadband infrastructure, and renovation of public library buildings. Signed by Governor, 4/13/16

Chapter 54

S 6406-C/ A 9006-Cexternal link opens in a new window Article 7 Legislation Language - Education, Labor, Housing and Family Assistance Budget: Relates to the State support of libraries in that no library, library system or program shall receive less total system or program aid than it received in the year 2001-2002, except as a result of necessary reduction adjustments. Signed by Governor, 4/4/16

2016 Laws Relating to Public Library Districts

Chapter 146

S7588  / A10179external link opens in a new window Amends Chapter 533 of the Laws of 2011 to reduce the number of signatures required on a petition for a person to be placed on the ballot for election as a library trustee for the Norwood Public Library, which is a special legislative district public library.  Signed by the Governor 7/21/2016

Chapter 277

S7785  / A10563external link opens in a new window

Amends Chapter 524 of the Laws of 1987, as amended by Chapter 361 of the Laws of 1997. Clarifies language related to the procedures for the nomination and election of library trustees and annual budget vote of the Greater Poughkeepsie Library District. Signed by Governor 8/19/2016

2016 Laws Relating to Dormitory Authority Construction/Financing Services

Chapter 184

S 6677/ A 9217external link opens in a new window Amends Chapter 672 of the Laws of 1993. Allows the Hampton Bays Public Library to be eligible for financing through the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York.  Signed by the Governor 7/21/2016

2016 Laws Relating to Libraries and Library Systems

Chapter 68

S 7860/ A 10364 external link opens in a new window Amends Public Health Law and Education Law in relation to authorizing the use of opioid antagonists by public libraries for opioid overdose prevention. Signed by the Governor 6/23/2016

Chapter 109

S 5804/ A 8105 external link opens in a new window

Amends section 305 of the education law that relates to instructional materials for school districts and libraries to protect against Lyme disease and tick-borne infections. Signed by the Governor on 07/21/2016

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