Library Legislation in New York State: 2004 Chapters

2004 Law Relating to State Aid for Libraries

Chapter 520 S6666/A10843 Sponsors: Senator Rath and Assembly Member Tokasz. Removes the sunset provision on the local revenue support for the Office of Cultural Education (State Library, State Museum and State Archives) and LGRMIP (Local Records Management Improvement Fund).
Chapter 303 S6835A/A9705A Sponsors: Senator Farley and Assembly Member Galef. Creates the "Love your library" distinctive license plate program to benefit the statewide summer reading program.

2004 Law Relating to Public Library Districts

Chapter 166 S6386-C/A10042-C Sponsors: Senator Wright and Assembly Member Townsend. Creates the Constantia Public Library District in the town of Constantia, County of Oswego.
Chapter 88 S3794-A/A7381-A Sponsors: Senator Maziarz and Assembly Member DelMonte. Creates the Lewiston Public Library district, Niagara County.
Chapter 313 S1591-A/A4723-B Sponsors: Senator Seward and Assembly Member Hooker. Creates the D. R. Evarts Library District in Athens, Greene County.
Chapter 711 S7450/A11492 Sponsors: Senator Flanagan and Assembly Member Fitzpatrick. Amends Chapter 193 of 2001 regarding the Smithtown Special Library District, Suffolk County.

2004 Law Relating to Dormitory Authority Construction/Financing Services

Chapter 591 S5809/A9261 Sponsors: Senator Balboni and Assembly Member DiNapoli. Includes the Bryant Public Library, Nassau County, on list of libraries eligible for financing assistance from the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York.

2004 Law -- Other

Chapter 442 S6861/A9706 Sponsors: Senator Farley and Assembly Member Galef. Technical correction to reflect current name of the New York State Association of Library Trustees (NYSALB), formerly the Library Trustee Foundation.
Chapter 405 A10966 Sponsor: Assembly Member Canestrari. Designates the supreme court library at Troy as the F. Warren Travers Supreme Court Library at Troy, Rensselaer County.
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