Library Legislation in New York State: 2003 Chapters

2003 Law Relating to State Aid for Libraries

Chapter 571 S.5056/A.8366 Relates to state aid to 3R's systems for providing consumer health and medical information service programs for libraries and library systems. Amends Education Law to provide that each 3R's system providing service under an approved plan for a consumer health/ medical library information services program is now eligible to receive an annual grant (in addition to any other sum provided to them).
Chapter 572 S.5060/A.8364 Amends Education Law to provide that state aid for library construction will be provided on approved expenses incurred during the period commencing July 1 and ending June 30 for up to 3 years, or until the project is completed, whichever comes first.

2003 Law Relating to Public Library Districts

Chapter 80 S.3029/A.7127 Amends Chapter 457 of 2001 to change the date of the fiscal year for the Carle Place Public Library funding district, Nassau County.
Chapter 620 S.5529/A.8953 Amends Chapter 457 of 2001 and Chapter 80 of 2003 to provide an extended fiscal year, in order to accommodate a change in the beginning of its fiscal year from July 1 to January 1, for the Carle Place Library Funding District, Nassau County.
Chapter 214 S.2841A/A.7861A Amends Chapter 380 of 2002 to change the boundaries of 4 separate funding districts in Nassau County: East Franklin Square, North Valley Stream, North Malverne, North Lynbrook library funding districts.
Chapter 226 S.3877/A.8567 Establishes the Brookville Library Funding District in the town of Oyster Bay, Nassau County. Requires an election by the voters before such library funding district is established; provides that such library funding district shall constitute an improvement district.
Chapter 399 S.4354A/A.8624A Amends Chapter 233 of 2000 relating to the administration of the Gold Coast Public Library District, Nassau County, LI. Provides that elections for vacancies on the board shall be held during the first 15 days of September; provides that the fiscal year shall begin January 1.
Chapter 285 S.2069A/A.5262A Creates the Town of Pound Ridge Library District, Westchester County. Provides for its powers, functions and duties.
Chapter 271 S.521A/A.887A Creates Fernwood Terrace-Stewart Manor Library Funding District in the village of Stewart Manor, town of Hempstead, Nassau County.
Chapter 392 S.4421A/A.8139A Establishes the Mamakating Library District in the Town of Mamakating, Sullivan County. Provides authority for the formation of a public library district, which will consist of that portion of the Town of Mamakating served by Minisink, Pine Bush and Monticello school districts.

2003 Law Relating to Dormitory Authority Construction/Financing Services

Chapter 521 S.2566/A.5658 Includes Bayport-Blue Point Public Library in Suffolk County among the libraries that can use the services of the Dormitory Authority.
Chapter 274 S.623/A.1802 Includes Caledonia Public Library in Livingston County among the libraries that can use the services of the Dormitory Authority.
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