New Library Laws: 2001

The following New York State legislation was enacted in the year 2001 on the subject of libraries. Both Senate and Assembly bill numbers are provided; the bill number that passed is listed first. The main Legislative sponsor and the date that the law goes into effect are also provided. If you want to read the full text of a bill, the link (to the State Assembly website) will lead you to a copy.

Chapter 13 (S.2962 / A.5678)

Sponsor: Senator Larkin

Makes corrections to the dates and procedures for the formation and operation of the Thrall public library district of Middletown and Wallkill. Effective date: 3/30/01

Chapter 30 (S.1685 / A.2829)

Sponsor: Senator Kuhl

Authorizes the trustees of the Steuben Allegany board of cooperative educational services to lease a parcel of land to the Southern Tier Library System. Effective 5/14/01

Chapter 97 (S.3299-A / A.6607-A)

Sponsor: Senator Saland

Authorizes the establishment of 2 public library districts known as "Hyde Park library district" and "Staatsburg Library District" in the town of Hyde Park. Effective 7/17/01

Chapter 98 (S.5248 / A.9162)

Sponsor: Senator Johnson

Extends until July 1, 2004, expiration of provisions authorizing municipalities to donate surplus equipment to educational institutions. Effective 7/17/01

Chapter 193 (S.3987-A / A.7750-A)

Sponsor: Senator Lack

Relates to creating the Smithtown special library district in Suffolk County. Effective 8/20/01

Chapter 267 (S.3329-A / A.6696-A)

Sponsor: Senator Skelos

Provides for the creation of the South Lynbrook-Hewlett library funding district within the town of Hempstead in the county of Nassau. Effective 9/5/01

Chapter 293 (S.5651 / A.9186)

Sponsor: Senator Gonzalez

Authorizes the New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations to file an application for a real property tax exemption. Effective 9/5/01

Chapter 361 (S.4349-A / A.8617)

Sponsor: Senator Bonacic

Creates the Hurley library district in the town of Hurley, NY. Effective 10/3/01

Chapter 435 (S.2032 / A.3382)

Sponsor: Senator Trunzo

Includes the Sayville library as eligible for financing under title four of article eight of the public authorities law. Effective 11/13/01

Chapter 438 (S.2338-A / A.4165-A)

Sponsor: Senator Larkin

Authorizes the dormitory authority to finance the construction and renovation of certain facilities for the Monroe Free Library in Orange county. Effective 11/13/01

Chapter 457 (S.5377-A / A.8876-A)

Sponsor: Senator Balboni

Authorizes the town board of the town of North Hempstead, county of Nassau, to establish the Carle Place public library funding district. Effective 11/13/01

Chapter 460 (S.5559 / A.9228)

Sponsor: Senator Marcellino

Authorizes the commissioner of parks, recreation and historic preservation to enter into a cooperative agreement, lease or license within the ninth park region regarding structures at Cold Spring Harbor, including a library and environmental center. Effective 11/13/01

Chapter 491 (S.3203 / A.6229)

Sponsor: Senator Marcellino

Relates to including Harborsfields public library among public libraries eligible for construction and financing. Effective 11/21/01

Chapter 493 (S.3328-A / A.6699-A)

Sponsor: Senator Saland

Relates to authorizing the Howland Public Library to finance construction of facilities through the dormitory authority. Effective 11/21/01

Chapter 497 (S.3683 / A.7265)

Sponsor: Senator Larkin

Provides that the terms of office of the trustees of the public library district of the town of Esopus, Ulster County, shall commence on the fifteenth day of June. Effective 6/1/01

Chapter 539 (S.3423 / A.6948)

Sponsor: Senator Rath

Provides that counties may file copies of annual report by electronic transmission; such reports to be filed with county clerk, each city and town clerk within the county and the state librarian. Effective 12/12/01

Chapter 544 (S.4667 / A.8508)

Sponsor: Senator Trunzo

Provides for the construction and financing of facilities for the Patchogue-Medford library. Effective 12/12/01

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