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APPROVAL MEMORANDUM - No. 10 Chapter 467

         MEMORANDUM filed with Senate Bill Number 459, entitled:

    "AN  ACT  to  amend  chapter  672  of the laws of 1993, amending the
        public authorities law relating to the construction and  financ-
        ing  of  facilities for certain public libraries, in relation to
        including the Gold Coast public library"


  This legislation permits the Gold Coast Public Library to  access  the
construction services and tax-exempt financing of the Dormitory Authori-
ty of the State of New York. Because of a technical oversight, this bill
incorrectly  references  "Gold Coast Public Library" and not the correct
entity "Gold Coast Public Library District." The Legislature has  agreed
to pass legislation in the upcoming session to correct this minor draft-
ing error. On that basis, I am signing this bill.

  This bill is approved.                      (signed) ANDREW M. CUOMO

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