Identifying HDI Locations

Items or collections that are part of the Historical Document Inventory (HDI) are not held at the New York State Library in Albany. To find the actual location of an HDI item, you need to look the record up in the NYS Library's catalog.

In the brief record that displays in your list of results, any items that are held by HDI participants, will list the location as something like "1 copy available at Historical Document Inventory in REPOSITORY." For example:

Example of catalog search results that list an HDI item.

To find out which repository holds the item, click on the "Details" button to get more information about the item.

In the record:

  1. Click on the "Catalog Record" tab (labelled 1 in the screenshot below).
  2. Look for the LOCATION field at the bottom of the record (labelled 2 on the screenshot) to get the name of the library or archives that actually holds the materials.

Screenshot of a catalog record, indicating where to find the location of HDI materials.

Last Updated: August 11, 2017