New York

Several New York repositories have formed a partnership with to digitize family history records and make them available on line for free. The list of records available is located in the bottom left corner of the New York web page. Descriptions of the records as well as the holding organizations are provided through the links and logos on the page.

Create a Free Account

Free access to New York is available to New York State residents. This access requires a free New York account.

To begin, enter your zip code below, and you will be taken to the New York search page.

New York State Zip Code:

Follow these steps to create your free account:

  • Enter your search parameters (name, birth year and location, etc.) on the initial search page. The results will display entries found in the New York partners' records.
  • Click on any of the documents in the list of results, and you will be prompted to "Create a Free Account."
  • Enter your name and email address. You may opt out of receiving additional communication (such as email promotions) by checking the appropriate box. will send you a user name and password.
  • View any records available through the New York page at anytime by signing in to your free account.
  • Remember, you will have free access only to the records available through New York, not to the entire Ancestry database.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have an account?

All the records made available through the New York partnership are included in your subscription. Your search results will include all of the records available on

How can I find what I’m looking for in the records?

Most of the New York family history record collections have been indexed, which means you can search by name, location, or other key word/s.

Records that have not been indexed (e.g., Town of Salina records) can be browsed page by page to see what data is available.

Why am I asked to set up a paid account?

Some searches may lead you to records outside the free New York material, at which point you may be prompted to set up a paid account. If you don't wish to do so, just back up to the free New York section.

Onsite researchers may access the entire Ancestry (Library edition) database while at the New York State Library.

What if I do not wish to receive email messages from

To opt out of receiving e-mail from

  • Go to the New York page and log into your account.
  • At the top you will see a link for "My Account" with a dropdown arrow. Hover over the arrow to see email preferences. Click on that link.
  • You will go to the page where you can select your email preferences.
Last Updated: September 24, 2013