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How do I Access Excelsior with Z39.50?


What are the Z39.50 settings for NYSL's catalog?

The Z39.50 settings are:

Database name: unicorn
IP: nyst.sirsi.net
port: 8419

See the Library's Z39.50 Site Information for additional details.

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Where can I find help on searching Excelsior?

Please see the Guide to Searching the Catalog. If you do not find what you are looking for in our catalog, please ask for assistance. On-site visitors should ask a librarian for help. Web visitors can leave a question at:

Why is the printer printing the same record (not printing records from multiple searches)?

Your browser may not always work correctly when printing records in Excelsior. If you perform several searches and try to print records from each search using the Print/Capture option, you may see that the same records always print.

To stop this from happening, you need to force your browser to fetch a new page every time.

Check your browser preferences, and make sure that caching is set to compare the page in your browser's cache with the page on the network Every Time.

Note: This setting may look slightly different for various web browsers.

  • In Internet Explorer (version 6), from the Tools menu, select Internet Options, click Settings (in Temporary Internet files area), then check "Every visit to the page." Then click OK, then OK.
  • In Firefox (version 3.0.1) Select Tools, Clear Private Data, select Cache (and de-select any items you do not want to clear), and click Clear Private Data Now.

    Or, click Tools, Options. Open the Privacy panel and in the Private Data section click Settings.. Select Cache (and de-select any items you do not want to clear), and click OK.

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Last Updated: October 31, 2018