FAQ: New York State

How do I contact NY State Agencies?

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Who are the current elected officials in New York State government? How do I contact them?

The New York State Senateexternal link web site allows you to browse a list of senators or search by zip code to find your senator. It has Senators' addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

The New York State Assemblyexternal link web site also has a directory of members and a search function.

The New York State Board of Electionsexternal link Web site provides information on voting, New York State election results, law and regulations, and includes:

  • County Boards of Elections with addresses and phone numbers.
  • A Map of Your Voting District.
  • Find Your Local Representative (by entering your address).
  • A list of all New York State elected representatives.

Who are the former governors of New York?

A list of the former governors of New York from 1777 to the present can be found on the NYS Library's Public Papers of New York State Governors page.

The New York State Governor'sexternal link page includes the Hall of Governorsexternal link, which has images and biographies of most of New York's former governors.

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What is the New York State Flag? What is the State Bird? What are some other New York State facts?

What are the cities, towns, villages and counties in New York State?

For more information see the New York State town list (shown with counties).

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Where can I stay in Albany?

The Albany County Convention and Visitors Bureau Inc. hosts Welcome to Albanyexternal link, a Web site containing visitor information about Albany and the Capital Region, including where to stay in Albany. Their toll-free telephone number is: 1-800-258-3582.

Where do I find information about the history of New York State?

The New York State Archives, Library, and Museum have extensive information about New York State history. Search the Library and Archives online catalog for information, and visit the institutions' Web sites for additional suggestions.

For more information see these New York State Library pages:

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Where can I find information on courts and the court system in New York State?

The New York State Unified Court Systemexternal link provides information on courts, decisions, press releases, law libraries and court rules.

I need to consult the New York State laws and/or regulations and or the NYS Constitution. Where can I find them?

Laws of New York: The New York State Legislatureexternal link site has the text of the Laws of New York, NYS Legislative Bills, NYS Legislative Resolutions, as well as Floor Calendars, Committee Agendas, and other Legislative Session Information.

NYS Constitution: The New York State Constitutionexternal link is available online at the New York State Department of State. (Scroll down to "Constitution, New York State".)

New York State Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR): The complete unofficial NYCRRexternal link is now available online at the New York State Department of State.

The Official Compilation of New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) is not available free of charge on the Internet. However, some agencies have made some regulations available on their agency Web sites. The New York State Department of State maintains information about NYCRR.

You will find the complete printed regulations at any one of the twelve publicly accessible Supreme Court Law Libraries in New York State, and at many law school libraries. Check with your local library for location. NYCRR is also available on subscription services such as Westlaw and Lexis.

Both laws and regulations are available in hard copy in many law libraries and in some public libraries. Some public law libraries may have them in electronic forms which are searchable by subject. Public law libraries can be found on the Unified Court Systemexternal link Web site.

Where can I find State and Federal tax forms?

Tax forms are available online:

During tax season, many libraries, including the NYS Library, carry either the printed forms and booklets themselves or ones which you can photocopy.

I need to find information about Federal, State or local government. Where can I find it?

The New York State home pageexternal link and the Library's New York State Government Information page provide links to Federal, State and local government information.

The New York State Library is a repository for both New York State and federal government information.

  • Through the State Document Depository Program, the NYS Library collects official State publications of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, commissions, public authorities, and other agencies of State government.
  • Many of these documents from 1994 onward have been scanned and made available online as PDFs. They can be accessed through the Library's online catalog. Items not available online may be borrowed from the Library either directly (registered borrowers) or through interlibrary loan.

Many public libraries also have directories in their collections which will give you information about Federal and State government.

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Where can I find information about unclaimed funds in New York?

The New York State Office of the State Comptroller provides a searchable database of unclaimed fundsexternal link on its Web site.

What funding opportunities are available for cultural and historical organizations in New York State?

The New York State Archives provides grants to local governments for records management improvement projects and to not-for-profit historical records repositories for projects to promote preservation of and access to archival records. The State Library provides grants to libraries and library systems in New York State.

What grants are available from New York State government?

Grants are available from a variety of New York State agencies, depending upon the issue involved. Start by searching the term "grants" (or a more specific term, e.g., "education grants") at the New York State web site.

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Where can I go to find Civil Service job opportunity listings?

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Where can I file a complaint about a company or business?

The New York State Division of Consumer Protectionexternal link (NYS Department of State) handles complaints involving marketplace activities -- improper selling practices, non-delivery of goods or services, misrepresentation, unhonored guarantees or warranties, unsatisfactory service, credit/billing problems, contracts not fulfilled, and utility matters (telephone, gas, electric, and cable service). Various online forms are available.

The Division also has information on the national Do Not Call Registryexternal link.

For additional information, see:

Last Updated: December 12, 2018