FAQ: Article Linker

What is Article Linker?

Article Linker is a tool that helps users access the full text of an article anywhere in a library's collection of online subscription resources, no matter where the user begins their search. For example, Article Linker will link a citation found in a search of one database (such as Medline) to the full text article, if it is available, from one or more of the State Library's many other database collections of electronic journals.

The Article Linker link resolver is based on the OpenURL standard.

I click on the Article Linker link and nothing happens? Why?

Your problem could be a pop-up blocker. Article Linker resources open in a new browser window. If you have disabled "pop-ups" either through your browser or through an ad-blocking software tool, the electronic documents cannot open. If you are using your browser to block pop-ups, you may be able to allow pop-ups from specific sites, such as the Library's Web site: http://www.nysl.nysed.gov. If you are using other ad-blocking software or pop-up blockers, check your documentation for how to allow pop-ups from specific sites, or turn off the ad-blocking feature.

Sometimes there are many options for full text and journal links. Why?

Article Linker displays the links to all database content accessible to the Library and the same journal is sometimes available in more than one electronic resource. If the resource cannot be located in a database, options are also available to search the State Library's catalog, locate public libraries in New York State, or search WorldCat and Google Scholar.

What will I see?

When doing a search and viewing your results in many of the NYSL databases, you may see either the Article Linker graphic or a text link such as "Search for full-text in NYSL collections." The search below began from within the EBSCOhost database.

Clicking on "Search for full-text in NYSL collections" link from this database will take you to the NYSL "Article Linker Results" page (sample at left), which indicates that content of this article is available in an online database called Project Muse.

In this example, users would click on the "Article" link to access the full text of the article, "Joseph Cornell's 'Healthier Possibilities.'"

A screenshot of sample Article Linker Results for the article 'Healthier Possibilities'.

How do I get to the article if there is only a journal or database link?

If there is no "Article" link, then Article Linker can only take you to the journal or the database's search page. From there you can search or browse the journal's table of contents to locate the issue and article you need, or search the database to retrieve the full-text article. (Some databases needing this type of manual search include America's Newspapers, InfoTrac Custom Newspapers, Education Full Text, Readers Guide Full Text.)

Article Linker provides an article level link even though the full-text of the article is not available. Why?

Sometimes the vendor provides full text from that journal, but not that particular article. You may be able to reach the table of contents, with links to the full text of other articles in that issue.

The Article Linker Results screen comes up, but there are no links to the content of the article provided (no Article, Journal or Database links). Why?

Article Linker has done a search of all NYSL online resources, but has not found a resource that contains the article you searched for. It provides additonal options for locating a copy of the article, such as a prepared search of the NYSL catalog (for a copy of the printed journal or magazine), and links to other libraries and Internet search options.

What does "Get Article Linker URL" mean?

You can save or share the Article Linker Results page. Click on "Get Article Linker URL" and copy the URL that will appear in a pop-up window.

What is the OpenURL standard?

The OpenURL standard helps users locate the full text of an article across the full range of a library's resources--not just the database the user may be searching in. OpenURL works by facilitating the exchange of citation information between library resources and is used by Article Linker to find the full text of articles based on the citation. NYSL's Article Linker tool attempts to find the full text of articles based on the citation, regardless of where the user started the search.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions about Article Linker or would like training, contact the reference desk at 518-474-5355 or e-mail at http://www.forms2.nysed.gov/nysl/refserv.cfm.

Please report any technical problems you encounter.

Last Updated: October 22, 2018