New York State Bird - Eastern Bluebird

Eastern bluebird

The bluebird was adopted as the State bird in 1970.

The Eastern Bluebird, Sialia sialis, is a medium-sized thrush. Adult males are blue on top, with a reddish-brown throat and breast, and a white belly. Females have paler coloring.

The eastern bluebird is traditionally found in open woodlands, meadows, farmlands and orchards. They usually nest in tree cavities, but many people also provide special nesting boxes along fence rows for bluebirds, to supplement their natural nesting cavities.

The once-prolific Eastern bluebird has been making a comeback from low numbers in the 1950s.

bluebird in flight
The eastern bluebird.
Illustration from Zoology of New York, or
the New York Fauna

The bluebird is also Missouri's state bird.

NY State Law

New York State Consolidated Laws, State Law, Article 6, Section 78, signed by Governor Nelson Rockefeller on May 18, 1970, states that:

ยง 78. State bird. The bluebird (Sialia Sialis) shall be the official bird of the state of New York.


Last Updated: December 9, 2015