New York State Notable Documents

The New York Library Association/Government Information Round Table (NYLA/GIRT) Notable Document Award is presented each year to New York State agencies that have published meritorious documents that demonstrate their concern for quality communication between government agencies and their constituencies. Documents eligible for consideration have been distributed to libraries through the New York State Document Depository Program.

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  • New York State Education Department Building 1912-2012. New York State Education Department, 2012. 
  • Focus on Nature XII; Natural History Illustration Exhibition. New York State Museum, 2012.


  • Delaying Necessities, Denying Needs: an Assembly Investigation of New York State's Handling of Medicaid Durable Equipment Claims. New York State Assembly, 2006.
    An Assembly investigation of New York State's handling of Medicaid durable medical equipment claims.
  • Radiation and Health. New York State Department of Health, 2005.
    An illustrated 22-page brochure.
  • Better than Before [videorecording]. New York State Department of Transportation, 2002, 2005.
    Highlights the results of the agency's Environmental Ethic Initiative, which included projects to improve the usability of a portion of the Appalachian Trail; the use of condensed natural gas as motor fuel; the work of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve; the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program; the mitigation of wetlands, including the Utica Marsh; and the restoration of the Old Blenheim Bridge in Schoharie County.


  • Jury pool news.
    A New York State Unified Court System publication highlighting the latest court initiatives and related news.
  • What's your signage? How on-premise signs help small businesses tap into a hidden profit center.
    A handbook developed by the New York State Small Business Development Center.


  • The Kids' Well-being Indicators Clearinghouse (KWIC). Rensselaer, N.Y. : Council on Children and Families, 2003. <>.







Honorable Mention:


  • Global New York: New York and the New Western Hemisphere: A Guide to Business Opportunities. New York State Dept. of Economic Development, International Division.
  • There Shall be a Court of Appeals: 150th Anniversary of the Court of Appeals of New York State. New York State Court of Appeals.
  • Where the Money Goes - Financial Data of Charities that Solicit Contributions from New York State Residents. New York State Office of the Attorney General.


  • Secrets that can Kill: Child Abuse Investigations in New York State.
    Temporary Commission of Investigation of the State of New York.
  • A Guide for Tenants with Preschool-Age Children.
    New York State Department of Law.
  • Consumers' Shopping Guide for Homeowners and Tenants Insurance. (Upstate and Downstate Editions)
    New York State Insurance Department.


  • New York and the New Western Hemisphere: A Guide to Business Opportunity.
    New York State Department of Economic Development.
  • Summary of Legislation 1994.
    New York State Senate Research Service.


  • The Electronic Doorway Library: Meeting the Information Needs of the People of New York State.
    New York State Division of Library Development.


  • Pesticides and Schools: Reducing the Risks.
    Deborah I. Volberg, et. al. (produced by the New York State Department of Law, Environmental Protection Bureau).
  • A Parent's Guide to Special Education. Your Child's Right to an Education in New York State.
    State Education Department's Office for Education of Children with Handicapping Conditions.

Honorable Mention:

  • Vehicle and Traffic Law. New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • SEQR Handbook. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.
  • New York State 7.5 Quadrangle Images: 1:24,000 Scale. CD-ROM from the Department of Environmental Conservation.


  • Evaluating Literacy Programs: A Manual for Reporting Accomplishments. New York State Division of Library Development.
  • State Agencies Report Filing with the New York State Library. New York State Assembly Legislative Oversight, Analysis and Investigation Committee.
  • When Others Must Choose: Deciding for Patients Without Capacity. New York State Task Force on Life and the Law.


  • Poisoning the Public for Profit: Pesticide Use and Abuse in the Empire State. New York State Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee.
  • New York State County Profiles 1990. New York State Department of Health.

Honorable Mention:

  • New York State Program for the Conservation and Preservation of Library Research Materials. New York State Division of Library Development.
  • Identification of Plants with Fleshy Fruits. New York State Museum.
  • Radon-Risk, Reason and Reality. Joint Legislative Commission on Toxic Wastes and Hazardous Substances.
  • Labor Force 2000. New York State Department of Labor.
  • New York State Documents: An Introductory Manual. Dorothy Butch, New York State Library.
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