Regents Exams given in 1919, 1949, 1979 and 2009

Subject 1919 Tests 1949 Tests 1979 Tests 2009 Tests
English Spelling Preliminary English (I; II)    
  English (Elementary; Second Year; Third Year; 3 Years; Fourth Year; 4 Years) English (3 Years; 4 Years) Comprehensive English Comprehensive English
  English Grammar      
  History of English Language and Literature      
Math Arithmetic Preliminary Mathematics    
  Algebra (Elementary; Intermediate; Advanced) Algebra (Intermediate; Advanced) Math 3-Yr Sequence, Course I
Mathematics, Yr 9
Integrated Algebra
  Geometry (Plane; Solid) Geometry (Plane; Solid) Math 3-Yr Sequence, Course II
Mathematics, Yr 10
  Trigonometry; Plane Trigonometry Trigonometry;
Eleventh Year Mathematics
Math 3-Yr Sequence, Course III
Mathematics – Yr 11
Mathematics B
Science   Preliminary Science    
  Physics Physics Physics Physics
  Chemistry; Applied Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry
  Biology; Advanced Biology Biology Biology Living Environment
  Botany (Elementary; Advanced) Earth Science Earth Science Earth Science
  Zoology (Elementary; Advanced)      
  Physiology and Hygiene      
History/ Elementary U.S. History with Civics Preliminary Social Studies    
Social Studies American History with Civics
American History and World Backgrounds (II; III) Comprehensive Social Studies U.S. History and Government
  Geography; Physical Geography
History (Ancient; Modern)
    Global History and Geography
  History of Great Britain and Ireland      
  History of Education      
Languages Latin (First 2 Years; Second Year; 2 Years; Third Year; 3 Years; Fourth Year; 4 Years; Grammar; Prose Composition; Prose at Sight; Verse at Sight) Latin (2 Years; 3 Years) Comprehensive Latin Comprehensive Latin
  Greek (First Year; Second Year; Third Year; 3 Years; Prose Composition)      
  Hebrew, Second Year Hebrew (2 Years; 3 Years) Comprehensive Hebrew  
  French (Second Year; Third Year; Fourth Year) French (2 Years; 3 Years) Comprehensive French Comprehensive French
  German (Second Year; Third Year; Fourth Year) German (2 Years; 3 Years)    
  Spanish (Second Year; Third Year; Fourth Year) Spanish (2 Years; 3 Years) Comprehensive  Spanish Comprehensive Spanish
  Italian (Second Year; Third Year) Italian (2 Years; 3 Years) Comprehensive Italian Comprehensive Italian
Vocational Bookkeeping and Business Practice (Elementary; Advanced) Bookkeeping II Bookkeeping and Accounting II  
  Commercial Arithmetic Business Arithmetic Business Mathematics  
  Commercial Law Business Law Business Law  
  Commercial Geography      
  Commercial English and Correspondence      
  Business Writing (handwriting)      
  Shorthand I and II Shorthand II and Transcription;
Combination Shorthand,  Typewriting and Transcription
Shorthand II and Transcription  
  Typewriting Typewriting I    
    Comprehensive Vocational Agriculture    
    Comprehensive Vocational Homemaking    
Art/ Music Elementary Representation; Intermediate Drawing; Elementary Mechanical Drawing Comprehensive Art (3 Years)    
  Chorus Singing and Rudiments of Music; Dictation and Melody Writing; History of Music and Appreciation; Elementary Harmony Comprehensive Music (3 Years)    


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